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May, 2015

Launching Of District Early Intervention Centre
POLIO FOUNDATION DISTRICT EARLY INTERVENTION CENTRE SUPPORTED BY GUJARAT STATE  GOVERMENT - LAUNCHING OF " DENTAL, PEDIATRIC & ENT CLINIC ON 07.05.2015 at 7:00PM. Chief Guest : Mr. Kishorbhai Chauhan (MLA - Gujarat State) Distinguished Guest: Shri Udaysinh Jayvantrao Mahurkar  Bureau Chief of India Today, Gujarat  Guest

February, 2014

Polio Foundation Felicitates The Team Members Of Iasa- Uk
Polio Foundation felicitates the team Members of IASA- UK for their support in charity mission for scoliosis surgery for needy patients on 18th feb 2014

February, 2014

International Guest Visited Polio Foundation
Loins Club Rebecca Daou and Wayne Madden Chair person Lions Club International Foundation visited Polio Foundation  


Success Strories - Just one voice out of plenty

Purvi Rabari

 Age – 24 years

Location – Dhanduka

Purvi a  girl of 24 years could not see; her life was not so earlier –at the age of 7 years  one day while she was playing in field some particle went into her eye and the local village doctor mishandled her case miserably by pouring some wrong eye drops and she became blind. Purvi had lot of dreams in her eyes for education which was dumped and her parents’ wish to see their girl child educated and married   also shattered. They were praying day and night to God for miracle so that Purvi could see.. And the God ultimately paid heed to their prayers – a social worker while visiting their village came to know about Purvi’s  condition. Without wasting time she straightway brought Purvi to Polio Foundation and took special interest to see that her Cornea grafting operation is taken on priority basis. The operation was fully successful and Purvi got her vision back. Her parents profusely thanked the Social Worker , Polio foundation and it’s Doctors for their help. 
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Veeru Dantani
Location: Sanand Village – Ahmedabad District
Veeru, now aged 10 years belonging to Sanand village of Ahmedabad District had lost his vision due to an accident at the age of 3 years. Hence his education and playing activities came to a grinding halt. His parents also lost all hope of his getting back vision. Veeru always remained sitting in a corner of his house, not much talking with other boys of same age group as he took his blindness as the curse of God. But for Veeru’S luck started smiling, when an Eye Camp was organized in his village and he was diagnosed by a Doctor. The doctor advised him to contact Polio Foundation where he knew about the free cornea grafting operation. Veeru had to wait for someday as Polio Foundation had to search for a eye donor. As soon as eye donor was finalized, Veeru was operated at Polio Foundation Cornea Grafting Unit by a renowned Eye Surgeon. The operation was successful and Veeru got back his vision. Today Veeru is able to go to school with other boys and play with them and leading a happy childhood
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 Son of Shri Naginbhai Parmar and Smt. Alkaben Parmar, aged 13 years belongs to a very poor family living in Kijal village near Daskroi, Gujarat. His father maintains his family of 8 members by odd tailoring jobs, having a monthly income of INR3000, i.e. USD 55 only.

From birth he was having deformed spine which developed into a big hump on his back as he grows. In spite of him looking cosmetically very ugly but he had a passion for study and is regular in going to school and now he is studying in 8th Standard.
On seeing him in a Diagnostic camp one of the Doctors of Polio Foundation requested his parents to take him to Polio Foundation Hospital for better treatment as he was aware of the arrival of Spine Surgeons from Cincinnati Children Hospital of USA. Initially the parents were not agreeing due to poor economical condition but when they learnt that it would be totally free of cost they came down with Anil for surgery. A long 7 hours surgery was performed by Dr Alvin Crawford and his support team and ultimately Anil became normal.
Master Anil is hidden artist in himself. He has the special ability and skills to draw sketches of persons and objects in short time.
He will be now able to study further to support his father economically at his advanced age. His father almost cried learning about his son’s recovery and expressed gratitude to all for their humanitarian work.

 Daughter of Shadikkhan pathan and Nahanu Pathan, aged 8 years brought joy to her parents as she was the only girl child in her family. They are from Borsad, Anand District in Gujarat where her father works as a laborer with a monthly income of INR5000, i.e. USD 90 only.


But when they found that she was having congenital knee contracture of both knees with spinal deformity their joy faded very soon. They found a big hump on Anishabanu’s back due to which she was not able to stand straight and walk properly. She was having congenital knee contracture of both knees with spinal deformity .Still her parents got her admitted in school as she was also very good in study. Now she is studying in 3rdStandard; but they were very much upset and could not do anything due to their poor economical condition.
While in a diagnostic Medical Camp Anishabanu’s parents met with a Doctor who advised them to go to Polio Foundation Hospital as they treat patients with utmost care without any fees. When they came to Polio Foundation, luck smiled for Anishabanu as the Surgeons from USA for Scoliosis Surgery were due to arrive very soon. She was immediately registered for the surgery and the Surgery was successful.
After Surgery she is happy that she will able to lead a normal life and pursue her goal of study. Anisha’s family members lost word to express their thanks to Polio Foundation.
Manyata Solanki

The cute daughter of Shri Dipakbhai Solanki and Smt Nimishaben Solanki, aged 5 years from Ahmedabad belongs to a lower middle class family; her father works in a Private Firm with a monthly income of INR 10000 , i.e. less than USD200 only. She is a student of Nursery Standard in a local school.


From birth she had spinal deformity, which is called as congenital scoliosis, due to which she could not walk or stand she even could not sit for a long time. She used to get tired for this. Her parents consulted a number of surgeons but did not get any proper response or way out.
Lastly her parents got the reference of Polio Foundation from a relative. They came to know that at Polio Foundation renowned Doctors treat patients without charging any fees. Manyata was quite lucky as a team of Spine Surgeons from USA were due to visit Polio Foundation for undertaking surgery of such patients. They took this as a boon from God. Manyata was admitted for the surgery and on pre-scheduled day a team of 10 doctors and support staff from Cincinnati Children Hospital of USA
performed the surgery which lasted around 6 hours and it was totally successful. After the surgery Manyata’s curvature of spine has become almost normal and she may be able to lead a usual life.
Her parents are happy like anything and bestowed praise for the team of Surgeons and Polio Foundation. They are more happy since they are not charged anything by Polio Foundation for this Surgery.
Harsh Chandreshbhai Yadav

He was born on 14/07/2007 at a hospital in Chadkheda near Ahmedabad to a middle class family. He was born at full term and delivered normally. He also cried immediately but on day third he developed respiratory distress with sepsis leading to convulsions. Helped by doctors available there and survived but was left with delayed development of milestones and right hemi paresis. Harsh came to Polio foundation 30th July 2010 with such condition unable to walk independently and use his right upper & lower limb. Our experts examined and planned his treatment to develop his motor skill, occulomotor co ordination and self skill development plus our pediatric orthopedic surgeon helped him with bilateral Tendo Achilles recession. The result was soon evident in four months. He was able to do work independently, does all his activities of daily living ( buttoning shirts, opening and closing the stoppers, hanging out shirts, to switch on & off the light, etc.) with appropriate play therapy and sensory stimulation he started playing with toys. Parents of Harsh have felt so relieved of this success of their child. ....       

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Digant Bariya

 14 years old- male was struck with nature’s fury in the form of cerebral palsy leaving him both lower limbs in spastic state. He had gross scissoring of his legs at hip and tight hamstring muscles barely allowing him to stand or walk. He was attended by specialist orthopedic surgeon trained in such problems at Toronto-Canada. His surgeries were successful and he was thereafter able to ambulate independently in short time of three months only. Today, under guidance of our expert and well trained physiotherapist he continues to enjoy self sufficient life....

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Varshaben Laljibhai Chaudhari

Age: 15 years

A rare and queer case where the girl was operated upon for Polio corrective surgery and due to the failure of the operative procedure, contractures developed and she had a disability of around 50-60% in her leg.

Her financial condition did not allow her the luxury for another surgery in a private hospital and hence she had to live with the defect. It is at this time that Polio Foundation extended its ever spreading healing touch and performed a right knee release procedure and also provided the girl with calipers.

She is now able to stand up straight and walk around without much discomfort. She is now able to go to school and is able to help her mother and father in their daily chores too

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